Oklahoma Mountain Fork River Rainbow Trout  Day #11  State #14 June 23, 2009 06/13/09 Pennsylvania
06/14/09 West Virginia
06/14/09 Virginia
06/15/09 South Carolina
06/16/09 Florida
06/17/09 Georgia
06/18/09 North Carolina
06/19/09 Alabama
06/20/09 Tennessee
06/20/09 Kentucky
06/21/09 Mississippi
06/22/09 Louisiana
06/22/09 Texas
06/23/09 Oklahoma
06/24/09 Arkansas
06/25/09 Missouri
06/26/09 Kansas
06/27/09 Nebraska
06/28/09 Colorado
06/29/09 New Mexico
06/30/09 Arizona
07/01/09 Nevada
07/02/09 California
07/03/09 Oregon
07/04/09 Washington
07/05/09 Montana
07/06/09 Idaho
07/07/09 Wyoming
07/08/09 Utah
07/09/09 South Dakota
07/10/09 North Dakota
07/11/09 Minnesota
07/12/09 Wisconsin
07/13/09 Iowa
07/14/09 Illinois
07/15/09 Indiana
07/16/09 Michigan
07/17/09 Ohio
07/18/09 New York
07/19/09 Vermont
07/20/09 New Hampshire
07/21/09 Maine
07/22/09 Massachusetts
07/23/09 Connecticut
07/24/09 Rhode Island
07/25/09 New Jersey
07/25/09 Delaware
07/26/09 Maryland
07/28/09 Alaska
07/30/09 Hawaii
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I grew up in Kansas and never thought much about trout fishing – especially trout fishing in Oklahoma.  But, in the 1970’s the Broken Bow Reservoir was constructed in eastern Oklahoma and the birth of a great trout fishery in the tail waters known as Mountain Fork River was born.  Fortunately for us there are still only a few people that no about this fishery – and they would like to keep it that way. 

Our guide, Rob Woodruff, met us at 9AM for our day (Yes - we slept in a bit today) on the Mountain Fork.  Rob took us to school on entomology, the history of the waters, and how to catch the rainbows and browns that call this river home.  I would highly recommend Rob to anyone fishing the Mountain Fork for the first time.   I had a rough start and lost three times more than I netted, but the action was hot and continuous the whole day.  Taylor and I both netted 8 rainbows.  The fish were rolling everywhere.  I’m confident that an experienced angler could easily net 30-40 trout in a day here.   The trout holding pools were everywhere and you only needed to move 50 feet at a time to find your next target.

You guessed it – this is a trophy water too – we saw numerous 20-25” rainbows lurking and we had a few near misses.  Big browns are also hiding there but we didn’t get a visit from any of them.  Taylor caught one small 6" wild rainbow as well.

We spent the preceding night at Beaver’s Bend State Park which was a beautiful setting, well maintained, and great for RVs – not being too crowded.  Unfortunately we didn’t arrive until midnight so we didn’t have much time to appreciate it.  We left the park at 3PM and headed north to Arkansas for Bull Shoals and the famous world-record trout fishery of the White River.


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