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Lees Ferry Anglers
Guide: Jeff English
HC-67 Box 30
Marble Canyon, AZ 86036
Phone: 928-355-2261
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Some days you just don’t want to ever stop fishing.  Today was one of them.  Lees Ferry on the Colorado River is the destination that brings the majesty of the Grand Canyon together with the most beautiful water and fish in the world.  Everything about the day was surreal.  When it is all said and done and we sit back and list the best of the best from this journey – Lees Ferry is going to be hard to beat.  Thousand foot sandstone cliffs on both sides of you; the most beautiful water colors imaginable; rainbow trout everywhere; and best of all – they were hitting top water cicada flies – which are big.  In fact, it would take about 40 #22 midges to equal one cicada fly.   We were in heaven!

Taylor and I landed 14 of these beautiful wild rainbows – and lost another dozen. Taylor caught the biggest fish again – a chunky 18 incher.  Our guide, Jeff English of Lees Ferry Anglers taught us some great techniques for better drift fishing and long casting – which was invaluable today as these fish can see you coming from a long way off.

Our day on the water ended at noon and we embarked on the longest drive of our journey at 780 miles.  Our tag team sleeping strategy would need to pay off.  Fortunately Taylor slept a solid 3 hours after lunch – which Jeff English sent with us as we weren’t able to enjoy lunch on the water today.  I, on the other hand, tend to stare at the ceiling in the RV when Taylor is driving.  Hmmm.

One interesting piece of trivia to share with you involves the maximum speed of our Winnebago View.  It seems that the engineers decided to put a governor that limits our maximum speed to 82.9 mph.  That’s not to say that we would ever drive that fast but….the Nevada desert does temp us.  If anyone knows how to disengage this safety feature please let us know so that we don’t accidentally disable it.

Finally, the maximum temperature we experienced today was 115 degrees inside the canyon.  Pretty strange – when we were wade fishing our legs were totally numb from the 48 degree water while our heads were sweating bullets – is this safe??


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