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Our Mission:  On June 13th, 2009, my son Taylor (age 17) and I embarked on a quest to Fish 50 Trophy Waters in 50 States in 50 Days.  Our journey spanned 14,552 miles by land, 8,500 miles by air (Alaska and Hawaii), covered 500 miles by water, with no shortcuts. (Hear our Story in Person!)

Our Cause:  Our hope is that our adventure will inspire others to realize their dreams for adventure and connect once again - to Leave a Legacy

           "Many go fishing all their lives without knowing                                                  it's not the fish they are after."  [Henry David Thoreau]

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Ever since I was a small boy I’ve dreamed of adventure; desiring to seek after something that seemed bigger than life.  If you’re like me, adventures with your children such as climbing Mount Everest or running the BostContact Uson Marathon seem a bit beyond reality.  I’m just an average father looking at one summer left with my son; what could our adventure be?  Realizing that with college on the horizon we see one last chance at a truly epic adventure together - to seize the moment.  Where the fish story of all fish stories, between a father and son, can be lived out and told.  

For many of us, fishing was the one true bond we had with our fathers, where we finally felt connected, where our father’s legacy lives on.  The romance of those days is a distant memory for most people.  We encourage you to rediscover your desire for adventure and rekindle the most important things in life - your relationships.

         "Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight,
                                      an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue." ~ John Eldredge [Wild at Heart]

Please join us in also helping support these nationwide causes aimed at preserving father-child relationships as well as our national fishing treasures.

Make the Championship  Fathering Commitment

Anglers Promoting a        Lifestyle of Stewardship     

Make the Sportsman's Stewardship Pledge

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